Monday, 2 June 2008

What's Pink And Fluffy?

A product of yesterday's fibre-dyeing experiment. It's dried off really nicely so I pulled it into strips and gave them a rough carding to reorder the fibres. A lot of the little nubs of noil haven't dyed, which is going to look super-cool when I spin it up. I think I will call it 'Subverting Patriarchy'. I've decided that all my bits of homedyed/handspun are getting silly names - the yellow/green cotton is going to be called 'It's Just Like Watching Brazil', because how could it be anything else?

Have been engaged in an email conversation with a person at the Beeb about Wogan. Expect a tiny, tiny mention of it on the website tomorrow lunchtime. My photostream is trembling with anticipation.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Premier League of Nations

I'm listening to the Eurovision 2008 album. Normally my first exposure to the year's Eurohits is via the video player on the BBC website, but this year I'm experiencing the audio divorced from the visuals, to see if it makes any difference.

So far, I'm absolutely loving Malta's song "Vodka", which natters on about spies and Gorky Park and vodka, and yet is listenable and danceable. I'm also noticing a lot more traditional big ballads appearing between the inexplicable novelty acts, which I think is probably in response to Molitva last year (which is still on my MP3 player in heavy rotation, along with last year's sweet and funny French song). Estonia has a wierd sort of ska thing going on, with a highly memorable chorus (leto svet, leto leto svet). Bulgaria's entry DJ, Take Me Away is really good in an old-school 90s rave kind of way and may be my favourite so far.

Obviously, the Latvian pirate techno is awful, but it does appeal to my inner buccaneer. The German entry is some sort of mid-tempo girl band song, not a patch on the country & western effort of two years ago. I note with interest that San Marino are joining in the Eurofun this year, giving us 43 participants which probably explains why there are now two semi-finals and the contest sprawls over a whole week like Jabba the Hutt in a sequinned muu-muu.

Finally, the worst thing I expect to hear all day is Dustin the Turkey. For shame, people of Ireland, for shame.