Monday, 2 June 2008

What's Pink And Fluffy?

A product of yesterday's fibre-dyeing experiment. It's dried off really nicely so I pulled it into strips and gave them a rough carding to reorder the fibres. A lot of the little nubs of noil haven't dyed, which is going to look super-cool when I spin it up. I think I will call it 'Subverting Patriarchy'. I've decided that all my bits of homedyed/handspun are getting silly names - the yellow/green cotton is going to be called 'It's Just Like Watching Brazil', because how could it be anything else?

Have been engaged in an email conversation with a person at the Beeb about Wogan. Expect a tiny, tiny mention of it on the website tomorrow lunchtime. My photostream is trembling with anticipation.

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