Sunday, 5 February 2012

I Promised You This Blogpost About Our Move

We only went and moved to Amsterdam!

In a fiercely planned operation, my bf & I packed up our respective households in Cardiff and Birmingham and sent all our stuff in a van to a mystery flat in the Middenmeer district of Amsterdam, thus forcing ourselves to go after it. On Tuesday afternoon we got in the car with a boot full of random things and drove, in a leisurely manner, to the non-glamorous international port of Harwich. We passed about a dozen Little Chefs and stopped in two of them (I had Jubilee Pancakes which came with cherries and ice-cream) and accidentally went into Kettering looking for a nice coffee that was never going to be found.

We arrived in Harwich at 8pm, and thinking that we wouldn't be let onto the midnight ferry we were booked on for a good three hours, we had a sad car picnic of cheese rolls and crisps while listening to an audiobook of The Secret Agent (it's about bomb-throwing anarchists and is tremendous). Of course, no sooner had we finished our repast than we were let onto the Stena Hollandica.

Car ferries appear to have changed since I was last on one, and I found the ferry unexpectedly nice. We had a cabin, which was quite plush in a sort of moderately luxe capsule hotel way. The cabin had a bathroom and a great deal of solid fake wood moulding. It was cool, I liked it. We had another dinner, because why not? We're ON A BOAT!

In the misty early morning, without having had quite enough sleep for the previous three nights, we pootled out of the boat and onto the motorways of the Netherlands. It was below freezing at this point, and it's been 0C or (quite a lot) below ever since. But yeah, we dragged ourselves to the flat in Middenmeer and pretty much fell over with tiredness.

The flat is, well, temporary. We're only here for a short while and will be moving when I've got my next job. It's a huge flat over two floors with a big open plan living room/kitchen and two large bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. The place has excellent climate control and underfloor heating, which has been unbelievably useful in the wintry blast. When the stuff gets here on Monday, that'll be great (quite a lot of our warmest clothes are in the packing boxes) but we've got a very tolerable set up until then.

What else has happened, apart from the Arctic blast? Oh, we found an anarchist bookshop and cafe, which was nice.

I will fill you in on the rest later.

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