Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two Wheeler

We've been here for four whole weeks now. We got through the 'WHAT HAVE WE DONE?' phase with a certain style and aplomb, we found the hummous and registered as officially sanctioned Amsterdammers and now we both have bikes. Cycles. Fiets. You know, velocipedes.

J brought his existing bike from Cardiff, and I have plumped for a delightfully lightweight aluminium road/commuter bike with seven gears, basket racks and a purple bell that says "I <3 My Bike". I can't say that I do <3 it yet, being that it gave me a pair of big purple bruises when it bucked me onto the pavement during my first long ride, but I am at least doing better than last time I cycled in Amsterdam (keywords: panic attack, canal edges, short skirt, expensive tights, total freakout).

No pictures this time, but as I'm nearly halfway through the Monkey Island cross stitch project, BRACE YOURSELVES.

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soCherry said...

Loving hearing about your new life :)
Elaine x