Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Get Excited and Make Things

With time on my hands, I'm doing a lot of projects.

I've been sewing up some of my less promising fabric stash into a dress inspired by the Cos aesthetic. I can show you the back, because that bit looks ok. The front of the bodice has some problems with the bust darts. Two prominent problems with the bust darts.


The project I'll be doing all year - graphically representing the temperature of my location each day - is coming on nicely and shows how all of a sudden, Amsterdam is warm and pleasant after all that dark blue unpleasantness at the start of February.


And I've been doing lots of reading on my Kindle, which needed a better case, so I made it one out of some fabric that a lovely Glasgow friend sent me as a treat.


I keep flitting from project to project without really settling on anything for very long. I've had a great idea for a computer game that I can use to teach myself python, I'm slowly working on an invention that you don't know you need yet and, oh yeah, I'm still looking for a job.

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