Monday, 18 June 2012

Coding Practice: SPLITTERS!

No, not the People's Front of Judea, but the kind of splitters that allow you to waggle the widgets around automagically on the UI window. 

If you look closely at the new screenshot, you'll see the three little dots between the chart and row numbers and between the row numbers and the right hand controls. You drag those about to make the various bits of the thing bigger. It's... not quite right at the moment, I think I need to basically get the chart and row numbers to sit within the same splitter frame so they can resize together while leaving the right hand controls as they are.

Other small improvements:
- left clicking advances the stitch in the box, right clicking reverses it
- chart squares are always square

Coming soon:
- separating out the stitch palette from the grid
- changing how the handling of the stitches works so that we can have more than k2tog & yo
- row numbers
- telling you exactly where in the repeat things have gone wrong
- fixing the keyboard controls
- highlighting sections 
- making each splitter resize politely and automatically when the grid size changes

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