Monday, 23 July 2012

EnCharter: Not Yet A Roadmap

So, the other day saw a flurry of EnCharter related activity.

I put out three flavours of version 0.0.2 (0.0.1 was a mac-only version that just didnae work, thanks to a cross compiling error) which I packaged up using the immensely helpful PyInstaller (Windows and Linux) and Py2App (Mac). Here's what's next.

Currently Broken:

  • Unresolved issue on Mac 10.5.8 makes the whole thing fail
Currently Working But Not Yet Ideal:
  • Maximum width of a pattern that will export correctly to pdf: 22 boxes. This means I should probably allow you access to the full print to pdf controls so you can choose landscape/portrait and scaling.
  • The evaluation text box doesn't fit in all situations, but displays correctly
  • Darned low res jaggy fonts.
Fixed for the next version already:
  • So, Mac users who got the thing to run may have been bemused by the total lack of menus. It turns out that Mac menus are a special case and need an additional setting. I fixed it, they'll be working again in v0.0.3.
  • There's an option to quit in the File menu.

Suggested Features:
  • Colourwork support (I can make it support colourwork, but I think that doing a separate program for that kind of thing would work better. Highlighting particular stitches in particular colours could be a good thing to include, though)
  • Double decreases (These are going in soon)
  • Non-pdf export. Would vector or non-vector graphics be favoured by designers? I would choose vector ones because I assume that the whole thing is going to be compiled into a pdf at some point, but I could be wrong about the way that works.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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