Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Slow Death of Blogging

So, blogging. Do we still do this?

You can't see all the attempts at these first paragraphs that I've deleted, but if you could, you would definitely notice that I mainly write in tweets nowadays. When I started blogging in the Internet Mesolithic Period (the now terrifyingly distant year of 2002) I could go on and on at length about anything.

Nowadays, anything over 140 characters feels like it's calling for the teal deer.

The same things are mainly going on in my life. Science, crafting, lots of crafting, making lists, more crafting, baking (which is basically crafting), whinging, getting increasingly excited about Eurovision and Doctor Who. Actually, one craft project that I started in 2012 is still going: the temperature scarf is now up to date for the end of 2014. Check it out, it's on ravelry.

There are some new things. I'm getting married, I'm back in the Midlands, I'm learning Spanish and ballroom dancing. I keep accidentally studying history, because if I'm honest I wanted to be an archaeologist. I have moderately loud red hair, but find that I have increasingly few opportunities to wear eyeliner. Which is sad.

Maybe you'll get another blog post before the big Eurovision preview. Maybe it will have connected thoughts in it.